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It seems to be a common discussion these days – great customer service and who has it and who doesn’t. As an image consultant I do personal shopping for my clients so I’m in the stores a lot. Customer service, or the lack thereof, is a subject that is very much top-of-mind for me, because it can break or make a shopping trip. Nordstrom is well-known for its great customer service and therefore people choose to shop there because they know that they’ll be waited on pleasantly and quickly, getting alterations is a breeze, and they can easily return items if they change their minds about their purchase. On the other hand we all have a list of places that we choose not to shop with unless absolutely necessary because of their poor service, so I won’t list them here.

I was recently delighted by great customer service for a personal purchase and feel compelled to share the experience with you in case you’re in the market for some new eyeglasses. Some years ago I stumbled across some great frames in a store in the Denver airport when I was between flights. I purchase them and had my fingers crossed that the optics store I use would be able to put my prescription lenses in the frames. The maker is Eyebobs and I’ve worn these frames for many years now.


When I recently got my prescription updated, I decided to replace the frames because they were looking a bit worn. So I went to the website and placed my order (thank goodness they hadn’t discontinued the frame!) When I got my order confirmation email, here’s the sentence that generated my initial delight:

Your order details are below. Our team is super excited to fulfill it. Orders typically ship in one business day*, after a brief celebration in your honor, of course. It’s no big deal, really – just a cake, champagne toasts, karaoke contest, flash mob and the hanging of a commemorative plaque…

Isn’t that just the best! It immediately brought a smile to my face, even though I know they didn’t really do all of those things. The next phase of delight was when I actually received the frames.


On the left is an insert that says that someone named Pauline had fulfilled my order – it tells me how long she’s been with the company (calling her start year of 2009 her “Rookie Year”), a few details about her, and her personal Eyebobs of choice. Again, I have no way of knowing if someone named Pauline actually processed my order, but it’s a cute, personalized touch. They also included a handy form for me to give to my optician so she would know how best to handle their frames, along with a card that asked for my feedback and for customer referrals. Pretty smart – especially since I was already ‘wowed’. You’ll notice the sparkly eyeglass holder they included with my order too (how did they know I’d like the sparkles?)

We all love good customer service, don’t we? I loved the service from this company so much I just had to share it with you. If you need glasses, Eyebobs is a good place to start.

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