Building an Outfit from the Ground Up

silver shoes

Sometimes, when you’re not sure exactly what you want to wear for the day, it’s helpful to start with just one item that ‘speaks’ to you. I recently did this with a pair of shoes – my silver oxfords. They were a new purchase from DSW at a great price and I was excited to wear them.


Using the oxfords as my starting point, I knew the outfit was going to center around silver so I put on my skinny black jeans from Old Navy as the base (love these jeans btw, and they’re so affordable!) and then visited the blouses in my closet to see what would work. Because the oxfords are ‘menswear-influenced’ I decided to soften the look on top with my leopard print blouse in tones of black and gray. I carried my grommeted silver bag for extra punch.

silver/black outfit

My nails were painted a great shimmery color that usually looks silver (OPI ‘My Private Jet’). For some reason, I could only capture a photo of the polish looking more purple in tone, but it’s a great go-with-everything color.

OPI My Private Jet

What’s not showing in the pictures is the jewelry I added to finish off the outfit, so here it is. This dark metal mesh necklace is becoming one of my go-to pieces because it works with so many outfits. The bead bracelet has a similar favored status for any outfits requiring silver accessories – it feels both tough and feminine at the same time. I wore the two sparkle stretch bracelets on my left wrist, but they could just as easily been worn layered with the silver bead bracelet on my right wrist. Maybe next time!

silver beauty bundle

Black and silver ‘beauty bundle’


I know this outfit will become one of my favorites, and it all started from the ground up – with my shoes. Keep this little tactic in mind if you’re ever feeling stumped about what to wear.

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