Beauty Lesson: Transitional Nail Polish

gray polish

After many years of professional manicures and wearing acrylic nails, I’m still learning. For many years now I’ve been wearing super dark polish. At first it was a lot of red, then I went to dark burgundy. After that I ventured into even darker, semi-glittery almost-black. Last year I fell in love with Essie’s Midnight Cami and have worn that a lot. So much so that when I decided I wanted to really lighten up now for Spring, I found out that it wasn’t going to be a straight change-over. All the dark polish (which is regular polish, by the way, and not shellac) is more difficult to remove – it stains cuticles as well as the edges of acrylic nails. The nail technician suggested that I would need at least one cycle of an intermediate color polish, maybe two, to allow the clean transition to my lighter color, OPI’s Step Right Up.

I opted to try a light-ish gray color – Morgan Taylor’s Rule the Runway (with a name like that, I thought it was perfect because it’s a little fashionista-inspired!) A lot of my friends have worn a gray-toned polish but I had never given it a try. It actually looks a bit lavender in some light or when held up against that color.

Just like with anything else in life, sometimes we have to be willing to compromise or adjust our sights on the way to trying something new, even in our beauty routines. Lesson learned!

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