How to Look Good When You Feel Bad

Almay primer

If you haven’t had one of the viruses traveling around this Spring, consider yourself lucky. I thought I was one of the lucky ones until last week when one slammed me overnight. No fun! But here’s the thing. It wasn’t the kind that knocked me down with body aches and no chance whatsoever of moving out of my bed. It only made me moderately miserable – I was able to do what I needed to do in the morning hours, but by midday, forget it. So I had to figure out how to look my best in the mornings even when my heart wasn’t fully in it. I suspect you’ve been there too…needing to get to work or take the kids to school or see a client…and trying your best to look at the top of your game when you really aren’t.

Here are a few tips to file away that might help you should you be bitten by a nasty bug, but have to keep going anyway. And for full disclosure – although I really hate doing this – I’ll first put in a picture of my sickbed face, au natural (ugh!)

Go for Color in Your Outfit

The worst thing you can wear when you’re not feeling 100% is a neutral color (see above picture.) Your complexion is probably already a bit sallow and neutrals aren’t going to help. Wear a color that matches your eyes (the iris, not the bloodshot part. Lol!) Or wear a color that you’ve gotten compliments on in the past – one you know is a winner for you. It will do wonders for improving your looks and will probably also perk up your spirits at the same time. I opted for a vivid blue blouse (matching my eyes) when I got the aforementioned virus and it really did make me feel better.

Go for Color in Your Makeup & Lipstick

You can see in the above photo I wore my bright red lipstick and a soft blush. This is not a time for the no-makeup look or a nude lipstick. Wearing your most flattering shade of lipstick and blush are the bare minimum. I also mixed a little illuminating primer into my tinted moisturizer to help give a little luminosity to my complexion. Here’s my favorite, which is available at the drugstore:

Almay primer

Almay Smart Shade CC Primer, Walgreens

Go for Soft Fabrics and Comfortable Fit

Let’s face it – you need pampering and you’re just the person to do it! This is not the time for a starched shirt or stiff jacket. You’ll feel better if you’re surrounded by soft fabrics (cashmere, cotton, silk, fine wool) in a more relaxed fit. My chosen blue cotton-blend blouse had a loose swing to it, and it’s off-the-shoulder fit felt feminine. My distressed boyfriend jeans (AG brand) are on-trend, making me feel like I had it a little bit together. If your circumstance doesn’t allow for a casual choice like mine, you can still dress in softer fabrics – perhaps a knit pant and cozy sweater – that will provide personal comfort throughout the day. Don’t forget to accessorize with some jewelry or maybe a soft scarf looped around your neck.

These few little steps will have you looking your best when you’re not feeling your best. When you get home, you can reward yourself with some snuggly leggings and your slippers and a cup of hot tea.

Thanks for reading – stay stylish!


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