I’m a firm believer that getting dressed should be fun, and one of my favorite parts of the process is selecting my accessories. You may have read a recent blog post where I actually started my outfit from the ground up, with my shoes. This is a regular occurrence with me because I love making accessories the focal point of an outfit.

This process is especially fun during the spring and summer months for some reason. Maybe it’s just the general lightness of feeling during this time but I really find my accessory ‘happy place’ with the warmer weather. Here are a few of my favorites:

Love this fleur de lis emblem on this hat because,…sparkle!


For casual footwear nothing beats my gray Converse kicks


This geode necklace is a go-to all summer long


These two necklaces play together so well, don’t you think?


Love yellow! Especially in shoes.


My white watch goes everywhere with me

If you find yourself getting ‘stuck’ when you’re getting dressed in the morning, why not start with an accessory or two? You’ll probably get inspired!

Thanks for reading – stay stylish!


Adena DiTonno

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