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gray polish

After many years of professional manicures and wearing acrylic nails, I’m still learning. For many years now I’ve been wearing super dark polish. At first it was a lot of red, then I went to dark burgundy. After that I ventured into even darker, semi-glittery almost-black. Last year I fell in love with Essie’s Midnight […]

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Me in lace

Anyone who knows me know that I’m definitely not a ‘lace’ girl. To me, and I suspect to many women, lace conjures up a sweet, romantic vibe. I love it on other people, but it’s never been a part of my style. “Dramatic” – yes. “Chic” – well, yes, I aim for that. But “feminine”…”sweet”…”romantic”…no, […]

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Sole Society handbag

I recently shared one of my favorite Spring trends here and now I just have to share another favorite, especially because I didn’t think this particular trend would be something I would actually enjoy…until I did. Sounds a little confusing I know, but here we go. I’m just loving pastel pink this season! I’ve never been […]

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